The client shapes our mission of being committed, diligent, and responsive to client’s collaboration, mediation, or litigation needs, while using technology and personal service.


Our vision is to provide the highest quality legal services by using technology along with personal service.

We strive to meet our Core Values:

  • Committed to empower the client to make intelligent and informed decisions by educating you to understand the legal and procedural issues in your case.
  • Diligently use technology to communicate with the client by various methods, which helps us balance work and family in ways that keeps us focus.
  • Responsive to the ever-changing legal environment to maintain a stable and profitable business enterprise with the highest reputation through uncompromising dedication and ethical standards by educating and respecting our team.

Robinson Law helps individuals and businesses with legal matters in the following areas:

  • Bankruptcy – the attorneys at Robinson Law help individuals and businesses find a long-term solution to financial problems through bankruptcy.
  • Business and Taxation – one key to a successful business is proper planning and ongoing support. The advice and assistance of an experienced business attorney can help from start-up to dissolution.
  • Family – family law issues are often emotionally charged issues. A competent and compassionate attorney can help resolve these issues.
  • Criminal – knowing your rights and asserting those rights is the key when accused of a crime. Chief among those rights is the right to counsel.
  • Wills and Probate – a properly drafted and implemented estate plan can dramatically reduce an estate’s exposure to probate, saving loved ones both time and money.
  • Driver’s License Matters – a driver’s license is often a necessity for work, school, or family care. The attorneys at Robinson Law may be able to assist with obtaining an Occupational Driver’s License when a license has been suspended or revoked.

The team at Robinson Law proudly serves clients in Potter and Randall Counties and the surrounding 24 counties of the Texas Panhandle. Contact the team today by calling (806) 350-5297 to find out how they can be of assistance.