Family Law

Divorce Worksheet

Family law legal issues are often highly emotional and deeply personal issues. Divorce, paternity, custody, and adoption are some of the more common issues resolved with the assistance of a family law attorney. Representing clients who are facing family law issues requires a delicate blend of experience, skill, and compassion. The team at Robinson Law Group is dedicated to helping clients navigate the often complex family law legal system.

  • Divorce – the end of a marriage is often a highly emotionally charged period of time where both parties are on edge. Although it is never wise to make important decisions during times of stress and heightened emotions, the law requires decisions to be made when a couple decides to end a marriage. The assistance and advice of an experienced attorney during this time period can be invaluable.
  • Paternity – When the parents of a child are not married at the time of the child’s birth the State of Texas requires paternity to be established to give the father legal rights and responsibilities with regard to the child. Paternity can be established fairly easily if both parties are in agreement that the putative father is, indeed, the child’s father. If there is a question as to who the child’s father is, the legal system can also be used to find out with certainty.
  • Custody – custody lawsuits can be fraught with emotion. Often, everyone involved – including the children – suffer until the matter is resolved. When custody of minor children is at stake it is imperative that the matter be resolved as quickly and judiciously as possible to lessen the emotional trauma to all involved in the lawsuit.
  • Modification – sometimes, the terms of a divorce decree need to be revisited. This may be because one party’s income has substantially changed or because the children are older and require more financial support. The terms of visitation may also need to be changed because one party has moved or because there are concerns about the children’s safety when visiting with the non-custodial parent.
  • Adoption – welcoming a child into the family is a joyous experience; however, when that child is adopted it can seem like a never-ending maze of legalities are required before the child can become part of the family.
  • Name Change – a name change can be sought for a wide variety of reasons, the most common being a divorce or to add a father’s last name to a child’s birth certificate. The requirements and procedures vary depending on the reason for the name change. To ensure the name change is legal in the eyes of the law those requirements must be met and procedures must be followed.